Covid Immunizations: The Life Savers And common fears surrounding them

The Life Savers

Statement by Ken Savage, DO, who is a board-certified, diplomat of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians and physician at Nature Coast Health Care: “For those who know me, you know I love to talk about immunizations. That is because they are life savers. As medical providers, it is our duty to make recommendations to our patients on how to live long and healthy lives. Immunizations are one of the tools that help us achieve that goal. Currently, the top most life-saver is the Covid vaccine. Just about anyone can have access to it.”

Skepticisms about Vaccines & Solutions

  • Fear of Needles: Now we use tiny needles that the patient barely feel.
  • Fear of Side Effects: Mild flu-like symptoms after receiving the vaccination are common. Your body is preparing you to fight for when you get the real deal. In turn, hospitalization, intubation, or dying is less likely.
  • Some fear go back to when the flu shot was rushed out in the 80’s resulting in severe reactions including Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), which is a rare disorder in which the immune system damages the nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and paralysis. This is not common enough these days to be fearful of.

  • Those touting microchips or government conspiracies at this point in one word: quackery.  There is an unfortunate large amount of false information going around.  They often use big words to confuse laypersons.  If China wanted to harm us it would be by spreading misinformation like this.  Don’t listen to these people.

Where we are now

Since the advent of the Covid shot, it has become one of the most effective immunizations ever.  This is not an experiment anymore.  We have given nearly 5 Billion doses worldwide. We now know that severe side effects are extra-ordinarily rare. 

In fact, a recent study suggested women aged 30-50 are most at risk of blood clots and that risk is less than 1 in 100,000.  Men 50-64 are most at risk for GBS and that rate is less than 2 per 100,000.  Lastly, those 18-29 are most at risk of myocarditis, which is about 2.5 cases per 100,000 and no one has died. Most people recover from clots and GBS.  The delta variant is deadly among these cohorts along with our elderly.  About 180 out of every 100,000 in America have died of Covid at this point.  How bad will it end up?

Right now, we are facing the worst healthcare crisis the world has ever seen.  In America, our problems stem primarly from those who are not vaccinated. Luckily, those who have survived bad cases of Covid are among our best spokespersons now. Thankfully, we are seeing lots of converters come in, but not enough yet.  Please schedule yours today if you haven’t yet.  I have no sponsors or disclaimers for this message.